Technical Specification:


Ascan Probe

Probe Frequency           : 10 MHZ

Fixation                        : Internal LED Measurement range

Axial Length                  : 14.0 mm to 40.0 mm

ACD                             : 2.0 mm to 6.0 mm Lens Thickness            : 2.0 mm to 7.5 mm Measurement Accuracy :+-0.1mm Measurement Techniques

Method                         : Immersion/Contact

Mode                            : Auto/Manual

Lens Type                     : Aphakic, Normal, Cataract, Dense Cataract, Pseudophakic,

(Silicone, PMMA, Others)Silicone Oil

IOL Calculation

Formulae                      : SRK-T,SRK-II, Holladay, Binkhorst, Hoffer-Q, Haigis, AME* and

Post Refraction Formulae


Display                         : High resolution 8 inch color display with  Touch screen


Storage                        : 100 Patient Records, 10 Preset Users, 25 IOL Configuration

Camp Mode                  : Fast Measurement with IOL calculation in single screen

Printer                           : Fast Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter Power

Electrical Requirements : 230V AC / 50Hz.




Measurement Range      : 200-1000 microns Accuracy            : + or – 5 microns

Frequency                     : 20MHz

Communication             : RS232 for PC connection IOP Adjust Software

Easily adjust IOP based on measured CCT. CCT Measurements

Guaranteed fast and easy Measurements.


Scan Modes Continuous/ Mapping

User Programmable Mapping (up to 10 Maps)



Adjustable Corneal Velocity Automatic Sensing Algorithm Measurement Review

100 Scan Average with Standard Deviation Probe

20 MHz Angled or Straight





Other Features

  • Auto/Manual Gain.
  • Automatic calculation of standard deviation and average axial length (serial of 10 measurements)
  • Simultaneous display of 3 different IOL calculation
  • RTC Shown the Date Time throughout the life of the instrument.
  • Various user Programmable printouts Format
  • Measurement possible for Various Velocity of each segment.
  • *AME Formula – The new generation programmed software takes care of any Axial Length.