Multi Diff IOL

Multi Diff IOL:

Diffractive – Refractive Optics

Advanced 360 Square Edge

Aberration Controlled

Enhanced Contrast
Optic Design

MULTI DIFF IOL has a Diffractive-Refractive Combined Multifocal Technology

The central zone is of 4.2 mm diameter has 20 diffractive zones. The remaining 1.8 mm portion of the lens has the refractive zone.

The step height gradually declines towards the periphery

The light is evenly distributed between all focal points (near, intermediate & distant) resulting in a crystal clear vision from all distances

MULTI DIFF has +3.5D additional power to separate the near and distant images, thus making them distinctive. This benefits the patient in both near and distant vision complaints.
Assured Quality

100% Quality check using IOLA-MFD for diffraction, MTF and Airforce target methods

Each MULTI DIFF diffractive-refractive Multifocal IOL is individually tested for MTF

Thanks to the HEMA material and smooth surface finish, all lenses are assured higher MTF values

Higher the MTF value, higher the contrast from all distances and under all light conditions


Crystal Clear Vision

Good functional vision from all distances

Excellent patient satisfaction

Enjoy the crystal clear vision under all light conditions
Aspheric Optics

The negative asphericity provided in MULTI DIFF affords better visual quality than any other spherical IOL

No matter what the corneal spherical aberration is, MULTI DIFF can be safely implanted

The Negative Asphericity ensures a good combination between Aspericity and Depth of Perception

The unique anterior diffractive design reduces halos and yields superior vision

The Aspheric optic of the MULTI DIFF IOL design aligns light rays to compensate for Positive Corneal Spherical Aberration, resulting in enhanced image quality

Technical Specification
Ref MFD605
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 12.50 mm
Optic Type Diffractive – Refractive Optic
Haptic Angulation 0°
Asphericity Negative Asphericity on Posterior Surface
Square Edge 360° Square Edge
A-Constant 118.0
Refractive Index 1.46
Diopter Range 10.00D to 30.00D (in 0.5D increments)
Filtration UV
Injecting System Easy to use disposable injector & cartridge
Accurate Power & High Contrast

Thanks to latest Nano technology, MULTI DIFF IOLs always yield accurate refraction. Aspheric Optics & innovative Diffractive-Refractive design gives high contrast under all light conditions.


MULTI DIFF is made of highly Biocompatible material HEMA, with 26% water content

MULTI DIFF is fabricated by Polish Free Nano Lathe Cut Technology with minimal spectacle dependency

MULTI DIFF combines Diffractive-Refractive technologies providing best results to patients

Independent of Pupil size

Together with the material, the Square Edge offers excellent barrier to PCO