Supra Phob Regen

Supra Phob Regen:

SUPRAPHOB-REGEN is a new generation diffractive refractive multi focal Intraocular Lens designed to offer EXCELLENT VISION TO  THE PATIENTS undergoing CATARACT  SURGERY providing independence from Spectacles.

Quality & Accuracy

All lenses are tested for Resolution with Air Force Target immediately after Lathing

Each “Regen” is individually tested with Optical Bench Sytem called IOLA-MFD for power, quality and MTF for testing near and far focal points

Each “Regen” is assured of higher MTF values. Higher the MTF value, higher the contrast from all distances and under all light conditions

It is made of premium quality Biocompatible Hydrophobic Acrylic Material fabricated by Nano Resolution High Technology machine with minimum polishing.

“Regen” is a diffractive-refractive combined multifocal lens, ensuring good vision from all distances.

To top it all, the Advanced Preloaded System makes the IOL implantation simpler & safer.
Clear Vision at All Distances

With the years of experience in multifocal IOL design, we have come up with the addition of +3.5D power to separate the near & distant images and to make them distinctive

The light is evenly distributed between all focal points (near, intermediate & distant) resulting in a crystal clear vision from all distances

The central zone is of 4.2mm diameter has 20 diffractive zones. The remaining 1.8mm portion of the lens has the refractive zone
The IOL is designed in such a way that the step height gradually declines towards the periphery. This guarantees excellent satisfaction for the patients allowing them to enjoy the Crystal Clear Vision under all light conditions
Each “Regen” has 360° Square Edge, Posteriorly offering excellent barrier to PCO


Special Features

The overall Haptic and Optic design offers excellent centration of IOL irrespective of the capsular bag’s size

The Negative Asphericity provided in Regen affords better visual quality than any other Spherical IOL

The Regen IOL has Ultraviolet filtering chromophores for better protection of retina from UV light

The Regen IOL has Ultraviolet filtering chromophores for better protection of retina from UV light

State of the art technology of “Regen” ensures that its optical performance is equal to that of a young, natural, crystalline lens

The unique anterior diffractive design reduces the halos and yields superior vision

Owing to the superior quality of the hydrophobic material, the posterior capsule securely adheres to the rear surface of the lens. The anterior placement of diffractive optics protects optical properties from YAG laser


Technical Specification
Ref :SPNT200MF
Overall Length:13.00 mm
Optic Diameter:6.00 mm
Haptic Angulation 0°
Optic Design Equi-biconvex, with diffractive anterior surface
Diopter Range 7.00D TO 30.00D (0.5D increment)
Material Yellow Hydrophobic Acrylic
Refractive Index 1.497
Delivery System Ready to inject preloaded
Special Features Aspheric Optics with 360° Square Edge
A Constant 118.0